Keep Your Networking Options In Line With
 Your Business Needs – Even When Those Needs       Change On A Moment’s Notice

Verizon Enterprise Services give you an instant, online connection with a world of options and capabilities for tuning your network to your businessâ changing needs. One call puts you in touch with specialists at Verizon's Enterprise Control Center who can activate any of the services described below - all just with the click of a mouse - on a one-time, permanent or regularly scheduled basis. 

Enterprise - Delivers data to your workplace at speeds of up to 100 Mbps for flexible bandwidth where, when, and for as long as you need it. The service is delivered on a self-repairing platform of fiber-optic facilities with digital and analog interfaces that can accommodate voice, data, image and video applications. This service is available in 
New York. 

Enterprise Corridor - Place a single order to receive Enterprise DS1 or DS3 Service into the New York - New Jersey Corridor. This service is available in New York. 

Enterprise Fiber Distributed Data Interface - A dedicated high-speed, fiber-optic data service operating at 100 Mbps, used primarily for interconnecting local area networks and/or host computers. This service is available region wide in all 13 states. 

Enterprise SONET Private Network - Provides for installation and management of a customer-defined SONET transport network. Ring and point-to-point designs are permitted. Superior performance and reliability are provided for the transport of DS1, DS3 and OC3 signals. 
This service is available in New York and New England. 

Enterprise Services respond to the dynamic needs of your business communications. Our Verizon specialists can reroute, reallocate, change speeds, add circuits and otherwise reconfigure all or part of your network on a few hours' notice ö even for high-bandwidth services like video conferencing. We can set up a temporary path between two or more locations, and remove it when you're ready. We can optimize your network for voice communications during the day 
and for bulk data transfer at night. We can even prepare a disaster recovery strategy covering all your mission-critical circuits, with alternate paths between sites or to emergency locations. 

You simply call Verizon Enterprise Services specialists. In most cases, we can fulfill your requests for adds, moves and changes within 24 hours. 

  • Dynamic solutions without heavy-up-front investments.
  • A competitive lead built on communications and information processing ability that can respond to even the fastest-moving opportunities.
  • Specialists that consult with you to find the right solution and who then serve as advocates for getting your solution in place – fast.